Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Focused on the topic of photography, I created a five page website using Adobe Dreamweaver. This website covers four different topics of photography. It provides pages dedicated to the history of photography, a gallery of famous photographs, careers in photography, and additional resources to explore. Several of the photographs on the site were taken by me, and the ones that were not, are followed by a citation. Once I had finished formatting the project in Dreamweaver, I uploaded it to the class web page using Filezilla. The website contains links to many of my other projects, including my Indesign brochure and this blog. Also, there are several hyper linked links that take the viewer to sites that will further advance their knowledge and curiosity about photography. Take a look at my website by clicking HERE or following the link below! After viewing all pages of the website, there is a link on the "Additional Resources" page that has a green highlighted link that will bring you back to my blog.

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