Friday, May 15, 2009


I created a series of three podcast's using the program Audacity. I used my voice to narrate the podcasts and then added background music to give them a more friendly, professional feel. The first podcast is a minute and a half long, covering the top three main mishaps that people encounter when shooting photography, that causes them to create a bad picture. The song that was used was from A Starbucks Collection of Unforgettable Piano Jazz album and was the song "Nature Boy" by The Three Sounds. The three points discussed include bad lighting, composition, and camera type. The second podcast is two and a half minutes long and it dicusses the three most important features needed in camera. The accompaning music is called "Smooth Jazz", by artist Wayman Tisdale. The three features include focus, aperture, and shutter speed.
All three files were then exported as an MP3 files. From there, I uploaded the files onto a podcast creating website called and posted them to my blog. They can be listened to on any mp3 compatible program, including Windows Media Player and iTunes. You can listen to my series of podcasts by clicking play on the box above. This box contains all three podcasts and can be alternately listened to. After listening, make sure to explore the rest of my blog! Enjoy!