Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Indesign Brochure

Photography opens a lot of doors. With a degree or experience in photography, enthusiasts can choose from a long list of careers in which their talents will come to use. Because of this, I created a double-side brochure that contains six different photography careers, with a small paragraph about each. This brochure was created in Adobe's Indesign program. It can be folded into thirds as a brochure and distributed. In addition to the explanation paragraphs, each type of photography has an example photo. After the project was completed, the brochure was exported as a PDF file. Click on the link below to view the PDF brochure that I created! Once on the Box.net sight, you download my brochure. After viewing, make sure to press the back button to return to my blog so you can explore the rest of my online portfolio!

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