Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Team Wiki

As a course requirement, three of my classmates and I created a Wikipedia page. This project is the only part of my portfolio that is not dedicated to photography. Instead, it discusses President Obama's administration. The page covers the many topics of the Presidential administration, from how people become appointed to the administration to the different members of the administration. It also discusses the plans the Obama has for different parts of our economy and country welfare. Each of the four members of this Wikipedia contributed equally to this project, by doing approximately four posts each. Each post contains a signature at the end that ties the post to a certain member. The following four posts were created by me:
  • The Home Page
  • What IS the Obama Administration?
  • How Members Become Appointed to the Presidential Administration
  • Barack Obama's Plans for Energy and the Environment
Click HERE or follow the link listed below to view the Wikipedia page:
After exploring the wikipedia page, you can either press the back button to continue viewing my blog or simply exit the internet. The Wikipedia page does not have a link to this blog and that is why I saved it for the last posting of my electronic portfolio.

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