Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Black And White Photography

There are a lot of different types of photographes. Depending on what you are photographing, you may want to use a different form of photography. One aspect is black and white photography.
With the first photograph and up until color film was created, every photograph was in black and white. This basically means that the photograph has the two tone colors of black and white accompanied by several other shades of grey. Even after color film was introduced, black and white photography continued to dominate for decades. Nowadays, black and white photography is often used for a more dramatic or artistic affect. It has a lower cost and produces a more classic photograph look. There are four basic things that you need to remember when taking black and white photography:

Practice: Taking a good picture doesnt come naturally. Taking a good black and white picture is not easy either, seeing as to take a good photo all of the following aspects need to be present. Therefore, it takes a lot of practice and concentration that can only be obtained over time to take a good black and white photograph.Contrast:Being able to spot proper contrast between black and white and ignore the aspects of the color is not something that you pick up automatically. Recognizing that a certain object will make a good back and white photo is something that is crucial to getting the right photo.
Texture: Photographing a object or subject that has a high degree of texture can make a photograph a lot more interesting. It increases the amount of contrast creating a more dynamic eye catchig photo.Color: Never shoot in black and white. If you want to have a truly fascinating black and white photo, shoot in color and turn the photo into black and white manually after you capture it.
By using these listed tips and techniques, almost anyone can produce a truly beautiful black and white photograph.

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